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Whakapaupakihi 6 & 7 Lands Trust


Please do not submit an application for 2020 at this time. 

We will publish application opening dates and guideline for applications here shortly.



Whakapaupakihi 6 & 7 are amalgamated Trusts. The land is located west of the Motu River adjacent to and between Phillip Road and Motuhora Road, Motu Township and Matawai.  The land is currently vested in 5 Responsible Trustees whose appointment was confirmed by the Maori Land Court on 4 March 2011. The Trustees are Pene Brown, Arihia Tuoro, Robert Selwyn, Robert Hollis and Te Riaki Amoamo.

You must be an owner or direct descendant of a current owner in the above Trust to apply for this grant.



  • Applications to be considered as a recipient for funding are assessed annually. The next granting cycle will be from Monday 4th February 2019 to Sunday 7th April 2019.  Payments will be made within 10 days of applications closing, providing that all information has been provided by the applicant.
  • Those in full-time study will receive $400.00.  Those in part-time study will receive $200.00. 
  • All applications must be completed online.
  • Each applicant must provide a copy of their certified photographic identification and bank verified details to Perpetual Guardian in line with the instructions on the application.  These must be posted to Perpetual Guardian.  An email copy will not suffice.
  • Trustees may request further clarification from the applicant regarding their application.


Regrettably, due to the number of applications received, we are unable to provide detailed feedback on unsuccessful applications. Please note the decision of the Trustee is final and not subject to any appeals process.



Click on the following grant button to start your application.

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